Future Career: Chefronaut

Astronaut. Student of Hogwarts. Engineer focused solely and exclusively on making things that hover (hover shoes, hover cars, hover buildings … you get the idea). Spinjitzu martial artist. Stormtrooper. President of the United States of America.

When you ask my 7 y.o. what he’ll be when he grows up the above is a pretty good representation of what he tells people.

Oh and chef. But he’s always quick to add that the chef thing is just on the side.

After tonight’s meal I don’t think it should be.

Last year he did a cooking class & learnt how to make zucchini stuffed with ground beef & cheese. He loved it and wanted to cook it at home – but that particular recipe was always going to be a tough sell in a vegan house 😉.

… But he kept thinking about it – we swapped recipe ideas & agreed that quinoa could give protein & texture and maybe, if we just used fresh & flavorful produce, we might not miss the cheese …

I was on ‘kitchen fairy’ duties (chopping & prepping, hot pan handling & general advice dispensing), & my ‘kitchen wizard’ did the rest. It was great fun letting him take the lead & the end results were delicious.

First he rinsed half a cup of white quinoa and cooked it for 15 minutes in one cup of water mixed with one teaspoon of white miso.

Then we prepped the zucchini boats by topping and tailing them and slicing them lengthwise. He placed them cut side down on a baking tray & roasted them for 20 minutes in a 400F oven.

The stuffing was a mix of veggies that he chose earlier today at the farmer’s market – leeks, carrots, purple bell pepper (that had a little heat actually), tomatoes and baby spinach. He sautéd them in a pan with a little canola oil over medium heat for about 10 minutes or so.

Then he scooped out the flesh of the roasted zucchini to make the ‘boats’ (I didn’t toss the pulp though – we’ll use it in fritters or savory muffins over the next couple of days), then heaped the veggie quinoa mix in.

Completely delicious…

… In fact tonight’s dinner was so good I’ve put him on the roster to cook next Thursday night’s meal 😉.
#vegan #kidfriendlyvegan #mindfuleating #wholefood

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