Vote Yes: #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner

When #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner was buzzing last week my first thought was ‘finally! a campaign promise we can all get behind’ – obviously that wasn’t quite the sentiment Mr Gutierrez was hoping for when he said it on MSNBC, but I think that he inadvertently hit on something really beautiful.

Who doesn’t adore tacos? And how brilliant would it be if anywhere, and at anytime, you could buy one of these pocket sized gems?

Unfortunately, as with most campaign promises, the dream is far from reality – for us it’s a good 30 minute walk to find the closest stand. So until someone picks up on this fabulous idea I’ll have to keep doing tacos at home. And tonight’s special was roasted cauliflower tacos with black beans and baked rice.

To do the beans I soaked some beautifully speckled vaqueros for about 6 hours. I then boiled them rapidly for 5 minutes, reduced the heat and then gently simmered them for an hour. 

While the beans were cooking I pulled together the cauliflower & the rice. The cauliflower was simply chopped & brushed with oil and taco seasoning (My usual mix is powdered onion & garlic with smoked paprika, cayenne, cumin and oregano) and I then roasted the pieces for 25 minutes in a 400F oven.

For the baked rice I mixed 1 cup of white basmati with half a cup of diced red onion & half a cup of salsa in an oven proof dish. I then poured 2 cups of vegetable stock over the rice mix, covered it with two layers of foil and baked it for 30 minutes at 400F.

The tacos were quickly assembled by steaming the corn tortillas briefly in the microwave (I wrap mine in damp paper towel and cook for about 20 seconds), then adding cauliflower, some sliced avocado and lime wedges. Done.

Simple. Amazingly tasty. Extremely satisfying… But I’d forgo them in a minute if there was a taco truck outside my house 😉.
#vegan #kidfriendlyvegan #mindfuleating #wholefood #tacos

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