Love is spelt S_O_U_P

I believe that there are three types of house guests in the world – & you can easily identify them by what they do when your dishwasher is full of clean dishes.

Guest A will ignore it completely – whether it’s because they’re too scared to put something away in the wrong place, or they’re in a vacation mindset, or they’ve just never had to unload a machine before, the end result is same.

Guest B is the exact opposite – they intuitively pick up on the rhythm & pulse of the house. They’ll unload the machine without being asked (though who’d dream of asking!) – and, through common sense & experience, put the majority of things away in the right place. I’ve found that this type of guest will also wipe down the benches & check to see if the trash can needs emptying before asking if you’d like a cup of tea…

Guest C kinda on the surface resembles Guest B – but don’t be fooled, they are a nightmare! Guest C will unpack your dishwasher but in the process decided that, actually, you really haven’t got things set up well. AND THEN TAKE IT UPON THEMSELVES TO CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE KITCHEN SET-UP. 

I am Guest C. No joke – do not invite me over. Months later you will still be searching in vain for the grater.

But, on the other hand, my mother is Guest B. And she arrived today for a month! 

She travelled over 24 hours to get here & I wanted to welcome her with something warm and tasty but not so elaborate that she couldn’t just fall into bed after dinner (I knew she’d want to clean up – even when I try to stop her! – so to minimize mess I roasted all the ingredients on a sheet pan & then blended the soup in the Vitamix).

Dinner was roasted butternut squash soup (made with red onion, garlic & veggie stock), roasted broccoli & kale and some spelt (😉) 12 grain bread. 

#vegan #kidfriendlyvegan #mindfuleating #wholefood

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