Confessions of a pantry forager

Definition of rustle
intransitive verb

a :  to act or move with energy or speed

b :  to forage food

It’s getting close to move day. Actually, we’re at the stage where I’m still mostly procrastinating, but I do have the occasional burst of creative energy in which I whittle our life possessions down to a more manageable amount…

I’m also clearing out the pantry. I hate to throw things out, but I also don’t want to take a bunch of half opened packets with us. Which means that dinner for the next week & a half will involve foraging through the pantry / fridge and rustling up whatever ingredients are found.

And based the quick inventory I did tonight it’s going to consist mostly of lentils…

So to kick off our 9 days of legume mania I made oven baked red lentil & quinoa croquettes and served them with a spinach – tahini sauce and fresh tomatoes. It was (very) loosely based (as I just used the ingredients I had to hand) on Selma Hage’s Red Lentil Patty recipe from her amazing & infinitely delicious book “The Middle Eastern Vegetarian”.

I love how quinoa crisps up beautifully in the oven, it makes a great ‘shell’ for these types of patties – and keeps the lentils inside moist and delicious.

… Also acidic flavors seem to pair well with them so I was heavy on the lemon juice in the tahini sauce & put balsamic vinegar on the tomatoes.

1 rustle down. 8 to go … Now if only I could stop procrastinating and start packing 😉

#vegan #kidfriendlyvegan #mindfuleating #wholefood #selmahage #themiddleeasternvegetarian

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