Listen to your heart…

When people talk about returning to a ‘better time’ they don’t usually mean the early 90’s. Remember that awkward period where New Kids on the Block were huge, acid washed denim was everywhere and it was considered socially acceptable to leave the house with crimped hair? 

I came of age in the early 90’s and I embraced every single one of those strange and (now) enormously embarrassing fads. I ate warheads, had more neon gel pens that I knew what to do with and thought my dialup internet connection was cutting edge.

I also loved the food. Remember how everything was served stacked? I used to drive everyone nuts as I tried (unsuccessfully) to present ratatouille or eggplant parm in tower form. At best my efforts looked like the leaning tower of Pisa – and at worst a mess over the plate & the table.

I’m walking back down memory lane as today I had a hankering for that quintessential early 90’s dish – the Chinos Salad by Wolfgang Puck. I loved that salad – the crisp greens, the crunchy wonton wrappers, the tang of the tinned mandarin slices. I felt like a grown-up eating it and thought I was being both incredibly sophisticated and healthy. Obviously with hindsight you could argue that I was wrong on both counts, but it doesn’t change the affection I still hold for the dish.

So when I found myself today with no one to cook for but me (the kids are with their grandparents & my husband is traveling) – I thought why not? And while I didn’t have tinned mandarins to hand, or the inclination to add chicken or deep fried wrappers, the dish still hit the spot.
Excuse me now as my Bros and Roxette albums are calling me to dance around the living room …

Viva 1992 😉

#vegan #wholefood #mindfuleating

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