The Demon Leaf


Is broccoli rabe the most maligned vegetable on earth? It certainly is at our house. That excited ‘Yay!’ when the kids hear we’re having roasted veggies for dinner is swiftly followed by groans of despair when they see those dark green leafy bunches on the roasting pan.

I think it’s grossly unfair. For the record I LOVE BROCCOLI RABE and don’t think that a pan of roasted root vegetables is complete without its bitter leaves to offset the sweetness of the tubers.

I borrowed ideas from a number of different recipes tonight – the crushed coriander & cumin seeds came from Ottolenghi’s honey roasted carrots (in Plenty More). The fresh thyme over everything from the way my Granny used to roast her vegetables; and the creamy, spicy sauce pictured was the chipotle infused Greek yogurt from last night’s tacos with tahini & lemon juice added in.

And how did the kids fare with the demon leaf? Actually tonight went really, really well – admittedly helped by the fact that I bet them they wouldn’t be able eat one leaf (they can’t help themselves – they never turn down a challenge). They ate it – not much but some – by mixing it in with the sweet potato, & afterwards admitted that maybe it was not so bad after all …

… I’m not saying they’re converts yet, but they’re definitely on the road. 😉

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